Code Geass- Don't Stop (AMV)

Okay, so well, I was working on this AMV for the anime Code Geass, and it is finally complete.

The video is mainly about Lelouch and his life as Zero and it matches most of the lyrics to the song used. There are spoilers from R1 and R2 in this amv.

Song Used : Don't Stop by Innerpartysystem

I got inspired to use this song after watching a Death Note AMV using it.

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New Most RECENT work


This is a video I made a few months ago I havent had a chance to finish a new one.
I made this one a a couple video for a FORMER friend Jaclyn and it doesnt matter that we're not friends anymore Im still proud of this AMV it was made with a combination of effects and work through Vegas 4.0 and Movie Maker
I cant wait til I can finally get The NEW vegas 8.0 so I can have the 3d effects andtransistions...

I know this video isnt that great I used like 7 or 8 animes some ... I have little of no videos that work so i used pics
I am currently working on a Naruto video with Sakura and Sasuke but not a couple video its a video of each othem saying How much of a friend Naruto is and has ben and that they need him

Its to Time Of Dying by 3 Days Grace Im finishing the first verse for Sasuke then its on to Sakura I might end it by adding hios other friends and their feelings.... Neji, RockLee, Gaara and the others who He has influenced
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(no subject)


I'm new to this community, this is my third and most recent AMV, although this version is a new revised version since I didn't quite like the first one. Hope you like it and I would like to hear your comments about it. ^_^

Title: Excorsist O Fortuna
Series: D. Gray man
Song: O Fortuna
Artist: Highland

~ Martha
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Boogiepop Phantom and Boogiepop

AMV - Haunted Girls

Title: Haunted Girls
Series: Jigokou Shoujo & Shinigami no Ballad
Song: POE - Haunted
Rating: (G, PG, R, etc.) PG for slightly bloody imagery.
Link: Watch it on Youtube or download it at

This is my first video with Vegas Video 8. I actually had to download the trial version because Premeire Pro would not play the footage. I know there's a sort of imbalance in the footage, that is because Shinigami no Ballad is very placid compared to Jigoku Shoujo but I did what I could.



Hi Inter-folk. I'm new to your community.
Video editing is fun but Youtube deleted my last account so I have to start my collection ALL OVER.
Lame, right?
I use Final Cut Pro to edit.
I love it.
It's like my child. is a sample:::

Title: Times When. 
Song: Leni 
Artist: I think the original artist is Goodbooks but this is the Crystal Castles Remix 
Video Editor: :]]]

I must be stupid because I keep messing this thing up. Wtf.

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