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The object of this community is to basicly talk about up comming AMV's,post up AMVs, and to share your thoughts and comments on everyones AMV. We all have different opinions...don't we.


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one piece opening 13[Bleach opening swap] [Monday
9:48pm August 23rd, 2010]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey guys i thought i might post this up here. its sorta like a opening amv i swaped the 13th opening for one piece and made it fit to bleach opening 6 what do you guys think?



Manifest Anime Music Video Contest - Entries Open [Monday
10:59pm August 2nd, 2010]


DetailsCollapse )

Hey [Tuesday
2:19pm July 6th, 2010]


Hey, I'm looking for people that would like to be in a MEP. It isn't named yet, because I'm deciding with other members right now. The rules are in the video. And this is only for WMM. sorry.

Thanks (:

Project Help [Friday
12:54am May 14th, 2010]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm looking for people to join me in an AMV creating project. Details are below the cut.

AMV ProjectCollapse )

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Code Geass- Don't Stop (AMV) [Tuesday
9:07pm December 8th, 2009]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Okay, so well, I was working on this AMV for the anime Code Geass, and it is finally complete.

The video is mainly about Lelouch and his life as Zero and it matches most of the lyrics to the song used. There are spoilers from R1 and R2 in this amv.

Song Used : Don't Stop by Innerpartysystem

I got inspired to use this song after watching a Death Note AMV using it.


An anime intro I made [Saturday
6:42pm September 5th, 2009]


Title: Anime Intro
Song: Tree of Life
Artist: Clint Mansell
Video Editor: Myself (this feels like pimping, is ashamed)

   Spoilers for Death Note, Code Geass, Elfen Lied, and Vampire Knight.


New Most RECENT work [Tuesday
11:30am September 2nd, 2008]



This is a video I made a few months ago I havent had a chance to finish a new one.
I made this one a a couple video for a FORMER friend Jaclyn and it doesnt matter that we're not friends anymore Im still proud of this AMV it was made with a combination of effects and work through Vegas 4.0 and Movie Maker
I cant wait til I can finally get The NEW vegas 8.0 so I can have the 3d effects andtransistions...

I know this video isnt that great I used like 7 or 8 animes some ... I have little of no videos that work so i used pics
I am currently working on a Naruto video with Sakura and Sasuke but not a couple video its a video of each othem saying How much of a friend Naruto is and has ben and that they need him

Its to Time Of Dying by 3 Days Grace Im finishing the first verse for Sasuke then its on to Sakura I might end it by adding hios other friends and their feelings.... Neji, RockLee, Gaara and the others who He has influenced
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4:39am August 19th, 2008]

[ mood | accomplished ]


I'm new to this community, this is my third and most recent AMV, although this version is a new revised version since I didn't quite like the first one. Hope you like it and I would like to hear your comments about it. ^_^

Title: Excorsist O Fortuna
Series: D. Gray man
Song: O Fortuna
Artist: Highland

~ Martha


AMV - Haunted Girls [Wednesday
8:58am July 23rd, 2008]

Title: Haunted Girls
Series: Jigokou Shoujo & Shinigami no Ballad
Song: POE - Haunted
Rating: (G, PG, R, etc.) PG for slightly bloody imagery.
Link: Watch it on Youtube or download it at AMV.org

This is my first video with Vegas Video 8. I actually had to download the trial version because Premeire Pro would not play the footage. I know there's a sort of imbalance in the footage, that is because Shinigami no Ballad is very placid compared to Jigoku Shoujo but I did what I could.


:] [Wednesday
1:41pm June 11th, 2008]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi Inter-folk. I'm new to your community.
Video editing is fun but Youtube deleted my last account so I have to start my collection ALL OVER.
Lame, right?
I use Final Cut Pro to edit.
I love it.
It's like my child.

Anyway...here is a sample:::

Title: Times When. 
Song: Leni 
Artist: I think the original artist is Goodbooks but this is the Crystal Castles Remix 
Video Editor: Um...me :]]]

I must be stupid because I keep messing this thing up. Wtf.


Higurashi - When Psychos Cry AMV [Saturday
3:07pm June 7th, 2008]

Video: When Psychos Cry in the Summertime
Category: Humor, Horor
Anime: Higurashi (When they Cry)
Song: Psycho
Artist: Corky & The Juice Pigs
Creator: Q (AKA AnarchicQ)
Warning: Spoilers, blood and gore.
Hosted: AMV.org Or view it on Youtube here

In Need Of Help! [Friday
1:28am June 6th, 2008]

I'm making a music video and I have it all done. The problem is when I save the movie in Windows Movie Maker sometimes random scenes freeze. It just looks like a random picture while the music plays, and then it will keep going once it gets to the next scene. Sometimes. That's the thing. Every time I save it different scenes are frozen. How can I fix this? ;_; This has never happened to me before--I've made several movies in WMM. I suppose it could be the footage but I've gotten videos from this place/source/whatever before. I've never had a problem. Is there a codec I need or something? If anyone could help that would be great. I'm desperate. ;o;

Thanks in advance.



Sorry if this isn't allowed. D: I didn't see anything about asking questions in the rules. I'll take this down if need be!

Caught in the Sun Naruto Amv [Wednesday
6:53pm August 15th, 2007]

[ mood | artistic ]

This amv was a request from iceangel404. We did a lot of editing to manipulate the scenes. This was our first time doing this. If you're not a Naruto fan, and haven't seen the first episode of the Shippuuden then you probably won't realize what we've done to the clips. Anyways, please feel free to comment on anything you either like or don't like. Thank you.

Link: Caught in the Sun
Anime: Naruto
Song: "Caught in the Sun"
Artist: Course of Nature
Date: August 14, 2007
Directed and produced by: Panic Studios


What up? New AMVer profile~ [Wednesday
5:54pm August 8th, 2007]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I love AMVs, and I love making them. I strive to improve my skills with each new AMV I make~! Of course, I'll have to get more "advanced" programs for those....*coughtorrentcough* I'll post here for requesting resources and advice, and the occasional AMV. To me, I prefer quality over quantity. I'll post some of my older vids soon~ 
Name: Alexa
Aliases: wateradept118 (YouTube), Sophia Esteed (Kingdom Hearts Insider forums), Yuki Cross (Janime forums), Mew Lime (AMV.org and common in most of my AMVs)
Age: 18
Interests: AMVs (duh), anime, video games, fanfics, and such.
Style: To be honest, I've never done anything with super-fancy effects, since up to this point I've been using Windows Movie Maker (recently I added some custom .xml's). Sometimes I do effects-based amv's, but I know how to unleash their full potential (i.e. timing). Sometimes I do story-based ones....I can take on various AMV making styles ^___^
Currently working on: Zips ~The Best of Two Worlds~ (a Star Ocean 3 and Kingdom Hearts 2 AMV; on hold due to lack of SO3 clip resources *ahem,help*, song is Zips by TM Revolution), Return to Atlantis (based on the DOMA/Waking the Dragons arc of Yuugiou Duel Monsters, song is Return to the Sea by Kana Ueda; put on hold due to lacking resources again...)
Last finished AMV: Lyrical Flight (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha; song is "Fly me so high" by m.o.v.e.) May have to reupload this on Youtube AND get an AVI version where the audio doesn't skip at certain pts...
Favorite music to use: Jpop. I may using other genres of music...

I'll make an AMV of pretty much anything, as long as resources are available. Some I can find myself, others I may need help on...

Yush! Requests are welcome at any time ^^. See you soon!


AMVS :D [Tuesday
10:08pm July 3rd, 2007]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey ya'll. I posted here way back when asking for help with finding some footage! I got it, so thanks for all of your help!

Here's the finnished video.

Anime: Sailor Moon
Song: Keep Holding On
Artist: Avril Lavigne

I hope you enjoied! n_n If you check out SailorCetra at youtube you'll find a Final Fantasy X/X-2 video and some other stuff. Pretty soon a Kingdom Hearts one will be up. ^O^ So be sure to check those out!

Also, I'm in need of help again. This time I need Trigun footage. Preferably in avi and amv format. Rmbv or whatever that is hates me. >o< Well...As far as I know it hates me. It might've changed it's mind considering I have the program Nero now, but I'm not sure. XD;; Anyways. I'd like as much footage of Wolfwood as possible!

Thanks in advance!


Sailor Moon Footage [Thursday
4:07pm May 3rd, 2007]

Hey there! My name is Mikayla. Over the past few days, I've been trying to make my little sister a Sailor Moon music video as a surprise gift! I've searched and searched for the episodes I need to complete this video, and I've gotten most of them! Sadly, there is one episode I could not get. I've seen it online, but not in the right format. I've tried just about everything from file conversion to ...I don't even know! I've tried a lot of things, and I’ve spent a lot of hours trying to do them! Anyways, I saw this community and I figured maybe it was the right place to be. There are billions of Sailor Moon AMVs are on youtube, and so they’ve gotta be here too, ne?! It's Sailor Moon Episode 166(Dreams Forever! Light Throughout the Sky )! If anyone has this episode is AVI or Mpeg format and could link me to a download site, or send it to me VIA AIM, MSN, or Yahoo that would be amazing. I’ll give my info to anyone who can help me, just tell me what type of instant messenger you use. ‘Ll be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me. Oh, and I could also probably accept m1v, mp2, and mp2v formats, but I’ve never tried them on my Windows Movie Maker. AVI and Mpeg are known to work and work well!

If this is not allowed please tell me and I’ll gladly take this post down. I didn’t see anything about it in the rules, so I figured it was okay. Please please tell me if it’s not, I don’t want to be any trouble!

Thanks for all of your time!

4 Anime Fanatics

7:22pm January 23rd, 2007]

hey people ^^ i cant remember if i have introduced myself yet so gomen if ive already done this..^^ i go by many alias theshipporuler, Nekochan308 Or Mads....I prefer mads lol ^^

Heres my amv of Kingdom hearts 2 and 1 music vitamen c graduation ^^"
Im a senior this year and i went to a senior meeting and i just had to make it i was inspired it was made with windows movie maker so i hope you all enjoy it ^^

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Help: Problems with Windows Movie Maker [Monday
8:01pm January 22nd, 2007]

[ mood | angry ]

Hello. I'm new here (but no one cares about that XD)

 I don't know if I'm allowed to ask questions and problems here, but I'm having some uh, "issues" with my Windows Movie Maker. I'd love to post an amv on this site, but the problem is, I can't even make one.  I've captured the clips I want, but whenever I put them on the storyboard and test the movie, a message comes up saying there's an error and needs to close the program. I can't really figure out what it is, but it keeps on saying there's some kind of problem with-I-have-no-idea-what. If there's any thing having to do with the clips, they're avi. files.

here's what it says.

And, I'd like to add that whenever I try to import avi. files or another videos, it says something about the codec not being downloaded correctly and the "check box" (which I don't know what/where that is)  is not automatically selected ^^; 

And, the 100,000th problem that just occured recently was that whenever I click on anything in the program, it freezes my computer and I have to restart it. Is there ANY other option I can use to slice clips and jus save them?
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AMV Request [Thursday
4:42pm January 18th, 2007]

G'Day there,I hope I am allowed to do this here.Here are two songs one is They by Jem the other is Le Yuan by Jolin Tsai (They are the same song except one is sung by Jolin Tsai in chinese)the other is in english here is a link for the words for They in english http://www.lyricsdomain.com/10/jem/they.html
If anyone would like to do an AMV to this song that would be great.I would love one done of the boys in Gundam seed (Mu La Flagga or Kira yaoi ok)if not anything you could do would be great.Here are the links for both songs
Jolin Tsai-Le Yuan
2 Anime Fanatics

Anime Strike Your pose! by madonna AMV edit and done by me [Monday
6:02pm January 1st, 2007]


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