ozyaoi (ozyaoi) wrote in amvs,

AMV Request

G'Day there,I hope I am allowed to do this here.Here are two songs one is They by Jem the other is Le Yuan by Jolin Tsai (They are the same song except one is sung by Jolin Tsai in chinese)the other is in english here is a link for the words for They in english http://www.lyricsdomain.com/10/jem/they.html
If anyone would like to do an AMV to this song that would be great.I would love one done of the boys in Gundam seed (Mu La Flagga or Kira yaoi ok)if not anything you could do would be great.Here are the links for both songs
Jolin Tsai-Le Yuan
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Ill see what i can do about getting footage of that and stuff ^^ and if i can ill make this AMV for ya ^^
G'Day there, Thanks very much for that no pressure.I have always just loved the song and Mu La Flagga is my fave character out of G seed and as I am computer stupid I cannot do it.....ozyaoi