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Help: Problems with Windows Movie Maker

Hello. I'm new here (but no one cares about that XD)

 I don't know if I'm allowed to ask questions and problems here, but I'm having some uh, "issues" with my Windows Movie Maker. I'd love to post an amv on this site, but the problem is, I can't even make one.  I've captured the clips I want, but whenever I put them on the storyboard and test the movie, a message comes up saying there's an error and needs to close the program. I can't really figure out what it is, but it keeps on saying there's some kind of problem with-I-have-no-idea-what. If there's any thing having to do with the clips, they're avi. files.

here's what it says.

And, I'd like to add that whenever I try to import avi. files or another videos, it says something about the codec not being downloaded correctly and the "check box" (which I don't know what/where that is)  is not automatically selected ^^; 

And, the 100,000th problem that just occured recently was that whenever I click on anything in the program, it freezes my computer and I have to restart it. Is there ANY other option I can use to slice clips and jus save them?
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heh, if I were you, I would just forget windows movie player and try to get Ulead Studio 10. It is what i have and its a lot better then windows movie maker in my opinion.
Thanks! But, argh, I really don't like to buy programs, though. >_> I guess I'm stuck with this piece of crap =/
@_@ hmm i have the same problems @_@ try to find diffrent clips or convert the clips to windows movie player ^^" i wasnt albe to use any of my Inuyahsa clips that i ripped but i could use some dowlnloaded ones that werent avi @_@ good luck though
I think it might because you have some kind of conflicting software or application installed

that happened to me on my old computer but I reformatted it and everything seemed fine, though I don't really expect you to do that.
Part of the problem might be that WMM doesn't play nice with ffdshow.

Another problem might be the amount of RAM you have. Graphics programs, especially video editing programs, are notorious RAM-hogs. You need -at the very least- 1 Gig of RAM (not the memory on your hard drive, but your random access memory). If you don't have that much, and can't afford to add more right now, best best is to shut down ALL nonessential programs.

Third problem (one I had recently), is that your power supply might be going out. Does the computer sometimes just shut down? Or do you have to try more than once to get it to reboot?

And I agree with inuyasha_kun, Ulead Video Studio 10 is a superior program compared to WMM.