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Project Help

I'm looking for people to join me in an AMV creating project. Details are below the cut.

Project Name: Floyd AMVs

Mission Statement: To create AMVs for EVERY SINGLE PINK FLOYD SONG! Everything from The Piper At the Gates of Dawn to The Division Bell and everything in between (Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall included).

What I need: People willing to make AMVs for Pink Floyd songs

Animes requested: ANYTHING (even animes I don't like), Games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts which have an anime drawing style are welcome, too.

Songs: All Pink Floyd (

Now, despite the fact that I'm one person, I will work alone if I can't find people that fit one basic quality:


That's my only major requirement. You must be a fan of Pink Floyd, to verify this, I have a simple test, it only has one question.

Name 5 songs that are not part of The Wall or Dark Side of The Moon.

There is reason for asking this. There are plenty of AMVs for songs from these two albums, but when I searched for AMVs for albums prior to Dark Side, the only one that might jokingly qualify is an Alice in Wonderland video.

I will be working on this project, but it'll take a long time for one person to get through it all and I'd like others to help (especially since some may be able to do AMVs for animes I don't like or don't own).

I will be creating a Youtube account for the project and members of the project will gain the password for it. You can join the project even if you're only going to make one or two videos for it, those would be one or two videos I don't have to make.

If you don't have access to a particular Pink Floyd song, I can provide it (more than likely).
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