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AMV Discussion! [20 Mar 2006|06:50am]
[ mood | curious ]

Yes its been a while since I have updated this place..

Anyway, it as come to attention that we need to discuss current issues about AMV's and the way that I make them compared to other peoples AMV's.

Okay.... first:
Do you think a AMV should win because it doesn't go with the lyircs?

A. What are you talking about?

B. Yes it should! (explain why?)

C. No it doesn't (Explain why?)

I was having a discussiong with my sister the other day about Anime Music videos and she was telling me one of the reasons why I don't win Music Video contests was because 'putting' videos to lyircs isn't creative and taking the easy way out..

I was totaly like WTF? because putting the clips to lyrics that actually match is pretty damn hard....

and I told her that I didn't care and I was going to just do what I like to do and how I did it... I think not matching the clips up the damn video is taking the easy way out.. >.> some of th videos that I have see, the scen repeats... yeah a couple on mine do... and also.... some of the scenes don't go with the music that is playing...

Anyway!! Give me opinions!!!! and lots of them! I will be posting this on my journal as well....

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