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AMVS :D [03 Jul 2007|10:08pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hey ya'll. I posted here way back when asking for help with finding some footage! I got it, so thanks for all of your help!

Here's the finnished video.

Anime: Sailor Moon
Song: Keep Holding On
Artist: Avril Lavigne

I hope you enjoied! n_n If you check out SailorCetra at youtube you'll find a Final Fantasy X/X-2 video and some other stuff. Pretty soon a Kingdom Hearts one will be up. ^O^ So be sure to check those out!

Also, I'm in need of help again. This time I need Trigun footage. Preferably in avi and amv format. Rmbv or whatever that is hates me. >o< Well...As far as I know it hates me. It might've changed it's mind considering I have the program Nero now, but I'm not sure. XD;; Anyways. I'd like as much footage of Wolfwood as possible!

Thanks in advance!

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