August 8th, 2007

penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings

What up? New AMVer profile~

I love AMVs, and I love making them. I strive to improve my skills with each new AMV I make~! Of course, I'll have to get more "advanced" programs for those....*coughtorrentcough* I'll post here for requesting resources and advice, and the occasional AMV. To me, I prefer quality over quantity. I'll post some of my older vids soon~ 
Name: Alexa
Aliases: wateradept118 (YouTube), Sophia Esteed (Kingdom Hearts Insider forums), Yuki Cross (Janime forums), Mew Lime ( and common in most of my AMVs)
Age: 18
Interests: AMVs (duh), anime, video games, fanfics, and such.
Style: To be honest, I've never done anything with super-fancy effects, since up to this point I've been using Windows Movie Maker (recently I added some custom .xml's). Sometimes I do effects-based amv's, but I know how to unleash their full potential (i.e. timing). Sometimes I do story-based ones....I can take on various AMV making styles ^___^
Currently working on: Zips ~The Best of Two Worlds~ (a Star Ocean 3 and Kingdom Hearts 2 AMV; on hold due to lack of SO3 clip resources *ahem,help*, song is Zips by TM Revolution), Return to Atlantis (based on the DOMA/Waking the Dragons arc of Yuugiou Duel Monsters, song is Return to the Sea by Kana Ueda; put on hold due to lacking resources again...)
Last finished AMV: Lyrical Flight (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha; song is "Fly me so high" by m.o.v.e.) May have to reupload this on Youtube AND get an AVI version where the audio doesn't skip at certain pts...
Favorite music to use: Jpop. I may using other genres of music...

I'll make an AMV of pretty much anything, as long as resources are available. Some I can find myself, others I may need help on...

Yush! Requests are welcome at any time ^^. See you soon!
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