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In Need Of Help! [06 Jun 2008|01:28am]
I'm making a music video and I have it all done. The problem is when I save the movie in Windows Movie Maker sometimes random scenes freeze. It just looks like a random picture while the music plays, and then it will keep going once it gets to the next scene. Sometimes. That's the thing. Every time I save it different scenes are frozen. How can I fix this? ;_; This has never happened to me before--I've made several movies in WMM. I suppose it could be the footage but I've gotten videos from this place/source/whatever before. I've never had a problem. Is there a codec I need or something? If anyone could help that would be great. I'm desperate. ;o;

Thanks in advance.



Sorry if this isn't allowed. D: I didn't see anything about asking questions in the rules. I'll take this down if need be!
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