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New Most RECENT work [02 Sep 2008|11:30am]


This is a video I made a few months ago I havent had a chance to finish a new one.
I made this one a a couple video for a FORMER friend Jaclyn and it doesnt matter that we're not friends anymore Im still proud of this AMV it was made with a combination of effects and work through Vegas 4.0 and Movie Maker
I cant wait til I can finally get The NEW vegas 8.0 so I can have the 3d effects andtransistions...

I know this video isnt that great I used like 7 or 8 animes some ... I have little of no videos that work so i used pics
I am currently working on a Naruto video with Sakura and Sasuke but not a couple video its a video of each othem saying How much of a friend Naruto is and has ben and that they need him

Its to Time Of Dying by 3 Days Grace Im finishing the first verse for Sasuke then its on to Sakura I might end it by adding hios other friends and their feelings.... Neji, RockLee, Gaara and the others who He has influenced
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