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Orochimaru amv/Poor Unfortunate Souls

Title: Orochimaru's Poor Unfortunate Souls
Series: Naruto
Rating: E for Everyone or G
Link-age: Poor Unfortunate Souls
Creator: Panic Studios (slytherinpunk and nyanki)
Date: November 24, 2006
Comments: Uh...We were going for Orochimaru trying to prove he's just trying to help the Sound ninja's, aka: the poor unfortunate souls. Lip-syncing is the most crucial chemistry to this amv.

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any suggestions

I was in the mood to work on my next AMV tonight, but my DVD2AVi progam isn't woring right. So I was wondering if anyone knew of another program that I could use to rip DVD footage into avi files. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :/

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Golden Boy AMV

Title: Kintaro's Bicycle
Series: Golden Boy
Rating: PG-13
YouTube *for some reason the timing on this one is off by a second. :(
Creator: Kyley
Date: Oct. 7, 2006
Comment: My first AMV in several years, and the first digital one I've ever made. I'd love to hear feedback, constructive criticism, and comments. Thanks! ^_^

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Flight of Dragons: Breyog

Sailormoon AMV request

Hey all..I was wondering if anyone would be interested in flexing there music video making muscles and accept a request of mine.

I'm not a big fan of Haruka/Michiru, just because I'm not a big fan of Michi herself. However, these two simply need an AMV set to The Gathering - My Electricity.
I'd do the video myself but I haven't the footage. But I'd be happy to provide the MP3 should someone like to do the vid.

the lyricsCollapse )

AIM Me at AnarchicQ or MSN me at Q_Slash(at)Hotmail.com.


(no subject)

Bwhaha Hello Im Neko-chan or Maddi-chan and im new here and weell i gueess thats all i wanted to say ^^ but ya here is a link to my Newest amv I made ^^

Made by: Me ^_^ (aka Nekochan308)
Song-Everytime we touch
Anime- Final Fantasy 8 ^_^

My new3st amv
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(no subject)

Hi! My name is Chette :) I am also a maker of AMV too :) I joined this community to get to know more friends who has the same interest to me and of course to show my AMVs to the experts ;D hehe.. okay my profile link is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/chettedizon and you can see my Blog Video here: http://chettevideos.livejournal.com/ Take care everyone :)

btw.. I only make.. Ranma/Akane; Kanata/Miyu; Syaoran/Sakura and Seiya/Usagi Amvs ^_^;;

The Inuyasha Compilation Remix

Ever wanted to have done your oldest favorite music to your favorite anime? Well here is a compilation that I made a day or so ago! It's very Cheesy!!! But enjoy!!!

Title: The Inuyasha Compilation Remix
Songs: A dream is a wish your heart makes, Accidently In love, The return to Innocence, The Locomotion, Hakuna Matata, Macarena, Mumbo Number 5.
Artist: Circle of stars, Counting Crows, Engima, Disney Mania, Los Del Rio, Lou Bega
Anime: Inuyasha
VE: DokiKittyProductions

They Get Knocked Down

Here is my new AMV

Of course its an Inuyasha AMV

This song has probably been used a lot of times...but oh the hell well.. I like it and I thought it would be great to use to Inuyasha.

The video capture in here varies from DVD cap to recorded tape capture. I have the first season on DVD, but They are only on the 3rd season... so.... yeah. I have crappy and good footage.. but.. do enjoy the video!

Title: They get knocked down
Song: I get knocked down
Artist: Chumba Wumba
Anime: Inuyasha
VE: DokiKittyProductions AKA Inuyasha_Kun
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