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Anime Music Videos

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Anime Music Videos Community
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Hello and welcome to AMVs. AMV is short for Anime Music Videos.

This is the first community that I have made...and I hope that you all enjoy yourself on here.

The object of this community is to basicly talk about up comming AMV's,post up AMVs, and to share your thoughts and comments on everyones AMV. We all have different opinions...don't we.


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1. No bashing eachother's AMVs; make constructive critisism. People don't like other people bad mouthing their work just because they hate it. If you hated it, then why did you even download it?
2. Have fun! This is a supposed to be a community where people have fun and enjoy the pleasure of talking to one another.
3. You can post up links to AMVs. POST POST POST! That is what I am saying guys, post up links to your favorite Music video out there, rather it be on AnimeMusicVideos.org or on another site... just post them up!
4. You can post of pictures of fanart if wanted. This community is not only for AMVs, but for the fanart as well, and any other pictures that you think that are cool that have to do with anime.
5. Post early and post often. >.> If I don't get any posts then I may have to shut the community down.... what's the point of having a community up if no one is going to post anything?
6. Be nice. I said it once and I'll say it again... be nice to everyone here.
7. Credit Credit Credit!!! Don't post up any works without giving them credit!

Well, that is all the rules for now; until I can think of other things to put down...

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